Senior backend engineer

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Senior backend engineer

Job description

Shipfix is the leading data intelligence platform for shipping and commodities. Our clients transport thousands of tons of grains, minerals or wet cargoes on the biggest vessels in the world. Our proprietary artificial intelligence-driven tools aggregate cargo and vessel information to optimise daily workflows, and address key issues within the industry that can be overcome with Software.

Shipfix extracts anonymises and aggregates billions of data points from the email exchanges in the shipping market. Our SaaS platform provides predictive signals that can be applied to trading strategies across the broad investable universe including but not limited to: Physical freight and derivatives, macro/FX, commodities, and equities. Shipfix datasets are used by top quantitative traders to make trading decisions on a daily basis.

Our unique ability to measure the volumes of commodities several weeks in advance provides an invaluable advantage in volatile markets. For the past 20 years, maritime & trade industries have also relied on limited datasets such as customs data. We are disrupting that.

At Shipfix, we have fully embraced a remote work policy. We don't think collaborative teamwork requires us to be physically in the same office so we'll be happy to welcome you, wherever you're based. That being said, we also keep in mind that not everyone can or is happy working from home so we can always provide access to your local co-working space.

About the role

In this role, you will be involved in the development of the services of our distributed real-time system.

The role includes (but is not limited to) the following responsibilities:

  • Build performant and innovative solutions to make our backend systems evolve and be more and more efficient,
  • Contribute to the operation and evolution of our cloud architecture as projects arise,
  • Work closely with other development teams and support our Customer Success team,
  • Use scripting to build tools to operate the platform,
  • Monitor services and infrastructure health.

Our Stack: Python 3, Elixir, VueJS, Flutter, Postgresql, Elasticsearch, Docker, Terraform, Google Cloud (Kubernetes, Pubsub, KMS, Storage, Dataflow, Datastore, Big Query).

Job requirements

  • 5+ years experience building scalable backend systems
  • Strong experience with Python 3 in terms of development and software architecture
  • Experience working with containers and continous integration
  • Advanced skills in debugging a live production system
  • Experience working in a cloud environment (GCP or AWS) 
  • Experience working with SQL and NoSQL databases


  • Experience with Hashicorp Terraform and/or Vault
  • Experience in scripting and building tools (Python, Go, bash)
  • Sensitivity to SRE best practices; monitoring, alerting, incident response

Perks and Benefits

  • Senior expert team (6 ex-CTOs for 12 engineers), team harmony, social, hardworking open minded and kind colleagues (lots of sports addicts),
  • Endless technological challenges, innovative environment and intellectually stimulating,
  • Competitive Salary
  • Full family healthcare coverage with Alan (yes, that including your partner and kids)
  • Flexible homeworking contracts (access to co-working space provided if needed) and we provide all necessary hardware (screens, MacBook Pro M1 32Go 1To, keyboard, etc.)
  • Generous celebrations for work and life milestones
  • 3 days dev sessions every 3 months in an Airbnb with:
    • A chef preparing every meals,
    • Group workouts, relaxing times, piscine and hammam,
    • Workshops, presentations, brainstorming on tech challenges or focus on specific themes,
    • Group experience such as VR esports with EVA (